Sales & Marketing Training

    Spinnaker’s sales training solutions help you to identify the right sales process for your business and then support your team in deploying your unique strategy effectively. By looking beyond your team we ensure your revenue generation systems & CRM work as they should to deliver your key results of turnover, gross-margin and bottom-line profit. Through consultancy, one to one or group sales training we minimise excuses and help your people excel in their roles.

    Enable the measurement and management of your teams sales and marketing activity by developing a compelling process designed to excite prospects and turn contacts into customers with Spinnaker 918’s sales training programmes.

    Contact us today to discuss how we can solve your issues and make your sales processes and people more effective.

Leadership & Management

    Building an effective business begins with recruiting the right people.

    Next comes supporting, challenging, motivating, and inspiring your people to achieve results for the business and for themselves.

    We work with your people to develop personal and collective leadership and management abilities so that your business objectives are delivered on time and in full.

    Critically this means achieving top/bottom line results, but it also means increasing customer satisfaction and brand identity through an inspired and motivated workforce.

    Contact us today to discuss our leadership and management training and consulting services and make your people a more effective team.

Upcoming Events

    Presentations Programme - 1 Day - 13th November 2019 - Bramley Grange, Leeds

    Our Presentation Skills Training Course helps business professionals master the art of the presentation. Learn how to deliver captivating and inspiring presentations with the help of our presentation training consultants..

    £269 + VAT

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    Relationship Based Sales Programme - 1 Day - 23rd October 2019 - Bramley Grange, Leeds

    Our Sales Training Course helps business professionals develop their sales potential. Learn how to foster lucrative relationships that lead to tangible business results..

    £269 + VAT

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