February 2017

Cardinal Rules of Telemarketing

During the process of writing this week’s post I took time out to answer an inbound phone call and as a result, was moved to set aside my original topic and concentrate instead on writing about the cardinal rules of telemarketing - rules we sales people ignore at our peril.

The call turned out to be from ‘Fraser' - who cleared the first few hurdles well - being both polite and helpful in articulating who he was and where he was calling from.

Politics or Leadership?

I’m certain it won’t have escaped your attention; there’s a new president in the oval office and I’m thinking you will agree here - it’s been a hectic few weeks as he’s settling himself in!

Setting aside that administration’s politics and policies (tricky one that) I decided instead to consider the quality of leadership on offer in this new era. It may inspire some, it doesn’t inspire me, yet I got to thinking, here’s an opportunity to audit the quality of our own leadership.