Assertiveness Training

What do we mean by Assertiveness?

Some years ago I watched a comedy sketch on TV and the term ‘assertiveness training’ was mentioned. I remember smiling to myself as the context of the sketch involved someone ‘sticking up for themselves’, yet in a quite aggressive manner that was subsequently ‘mocked’ by another member of the cast.

It made me think that assertiveness means different things to different people. For me it simply means achieving that balance of articulating clearly and concisely what we need or want whilst being mindful of the needs and wants of others.

You might say it’s all about BALANCE!

... and in a way that would be right. Achieving the right level of assertiveness though means getting the balance right, sometimes between many competing things.

We need to be open and honest with people. We must be capable of listening to understand and not just listening to respond. We have to understand and accept our responsibilities and we must be able to ask others to take responsibility through effective delegation. We must learn how to express appreciation and be able to recognise and admit our own mistakes when they arise. We must behave as an equal to others.

Developing Assertiveness involves ...

... challenging ourselves to develop personally. It is only through personal development that we can achieve what we need and want to achieve, whether that be in our work or beyond that in our free time and in our personal lives.

In working with us at Spinnaker, you will be challenged to develop yourself in areas that you may have previously found hard and difficult. We will help, guide and support you in developing your self-confidence, your communication skills, your attitudes to people and situations and in achieving a level of positivity so you are able to deal with whatever situation may confront you.

Training / Coaching Options

Because what we do at Spinnaker is tailored to the outcome you require, the most effective development option is a structured coaching programme over a period of time. This can be designed and arranged for individuals and groups alike and it all starts with a conversation with a member of the team.

Spinnaker also runs the Eureka Personal Development Programme, an open programme for up to sixteen participants which runs every three months at various locations around Leeds and West Yorkshire. Please call 0113 261 4503 to request details.