7 Critical Elements of any Successful Pitch

Being able to successfully pitch is a skill that is essential in any walk of life. Whether you are pitching a product, a service or an idea, you need to get people to believe in and become invested in what you are offering. But what makes a pitch successful and what will differentiate you from the competition?

The following 7 facets are critical to any pitch:

o You need to be credible and authoritative without being arrogant or ‘clever’. Too little confidence is as bad as too much, though underselling may just get you the benefit of the doubt

o In any pitch, assume your competitors have a compelling solution that will also do the job. This is where you come in. They are buying you. You are the differentiator so be passionate

o Making a claim as to what your product/service delivers is easy but you must prove it. Present clear data/results/testimonials evidencing the overwhelming effectiveness of your solution

o In describing something as exciting you must show it. Be congruent - connect the words you choose with the way you say them and with appropriate and expansive body language

Call to action
o A great pitch needs to be capped off with a clear call to action - what people need to do next. It’s your job to give clear leading options that direct people to where they need to be

o Respect your prospects’ intelligence by allowing them to join up the dots of a compelling pitch. Too long winded and detailed and they’ll lose the will to live, so keep it simple

Customer Agenda - #1 most important
o Everything you present must demonstrate the logical and emotional value people can expect in their world. Truly understand the value of win-win and be fully focussed on them

Image Credit: @BK