4 Steps to More Effective Negotiation

Everybody at some point will find themselves in a situation where the ability to negotiate their position is needed. Whether you are haggling at a market stall on a holiday, negotiating costs with suppliers or brokering a deal with a customer, being able to successfully negotiate will help you to be successful in whatever goals you are wanting to achieve. Our steps to negotiation success are designed to help people who are new to negotiating or find it difficult.

7 Critical Elements of any Successful Pitch

Being able to successfully pitch is a skill that is essential in any walk of life. Whether you are pitching a product, a service or an idea, you need to get people to believe in and become invested in what you are offering. But what makes a pitch successful and what will differentiate you from the competition?

The following 7 facets are critical to any pitch:

5 essential habits you need to be an effective communicator

The ability to communicate effectively and develop key relationships is something that is critical for - though not necessarily commonplace across all successful business organisations. Those with the ability to foster personal relationships and rapport with clients, prospects and strangers are highly sought after in all industries and positions including sales, marketing, leadership and management roles.

7 key traits of an effective leader

The qualities of leadership are something that are highly sought after in a business context and there is a large body of research on the area of leadership with varying styles and definitions of how and what it is to be a leader. Though there are varying approaches to leadership there are certain identifiable traits that remain constant across all effective leaders.

An effective leader is:

Traits of Successful People - the Success Triad

It is not uncommon to hear the expression, “Knowledge is Power”, but is this really true?

Many people have extensive knowledge of a subject, some a great deal of knowledge - perhaps about many things, a few are quite brilliant.

So, is knowledge alone a guarantee of success?

Spotting Sales Opportunities

Being able to spot an opportunity is an important tool for every sales person, but it is also something everyone will find useful as the skills needed to spot an opportunity can be used in everyday life.

It isn’t just the sales team that have to talk to customers and every business is looking for increased sales or leads so why not have all staff members capable of spotting an opportunity for your sales team to work with.


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