Account Management Training

One of the most lucrative areas of delivering recurring and expansive revenue for a salesperson is nurturing and fostering key accounts. However, one of the biggest failures any salesperson can make is thinking that account management is simply selling.

At Spinnaker 918 our account management training will teach you how to effectively perform strategic account handling, ensure that you successfully maintain relationships keeping your competitors at bay and effectively identify value added opportunities for your accounts that ultimately hit your bottom line.

Benefits of Account Management Training

A key takeaway of having your business undertake account management training with Spinnaker 918 is infusing your team with the knowledge, skills and confidence to foster relationships and identify opportunities which will make them your sales efforts more effective, focused and productive.

By undertaking account management training your team will be able to:
• Nurture and protect key account relationships
• Identify client needs and perspective more efficiently
• Identify value added opportunities for clients
• Make sales efforts more focused and effective
• Develop their understanding of strategic account management including defining where growth will come from, how costs can be reduced and why decisions made need to add real measurable value to establish lasting key account relationships

Enhance your Account Management Success with Spinnaker 918

Becoming an expert in account management doesn’t have to be an entirely trial and error process. Grow revenue by delivering true value to your clients through compelling insights and ideas and ultimately enhance your business’ account management success with Spinnaker 918’s account management training.

We have worked with a wide range of businesses helping them to get more out of key client relationships. Contact us today at 0113 261 4503 or email us at to discuss your needs.