Ant Hire Solutions

The senior management team at Ant Hire embarked on Spinnaker’s Sales Leadership Development Programme (SLDP) in early May 2017 at which point Spinnaker had been working with us in supporting the business for some 18 months. Jon (Hodgson) had worked to support both the internal and external sales team in developing their selling and account management skills and had also contributed to process developments within the business in those areas.

Not until we began the SLDP however, did I experience Jon's work at first hand. This was a programme of five group sessions interspersed with 1-to-1 skills development coaching - personal sessions tailored specifically to the needs of the individual.

I very much enjoyed both the group and 1-to-1 sessions and felt I took a lot from them, Jon having developed a very clear understanding of the various relationships in the business and proving to be both non-judgemental and challenging in equal measure, getting the most out of me and seemingly the team in both group and individual skills development sessions alike.

Jon clearly understands our business and had identified the key business challenges but moreover, he understood the individuals and was clearly skilled in getting the best out of us.

Jon was perceptive in regard to the opportunities for improvement - those key areas where each of us could develop our skills and competencies for greatest effect. What started out as a business development programme turned out to be a most motivational and enjoyable experience and I would recommend Jon and Spinnaker to any organisation that needs to develop its leadership team and wants to achieve the best possible results.

Julia Thompson - Financial Director
Ant Hire Solutions, 8th November 2017