Sales Coaching

At Spinnaker, we deliver a professional sales coaching and mentoring programme which equip attendees with the necessary skills and confidence to become more effective salespeople who can successfully identify and engage with prospects, increase sales performance, hit key performance indicators and retain key clients.

Our sales coaches are professionals with over 25 years’ experience in sales, leadership, management and presentation training. Our coaches work personally with candidates to identify core strengths and weaknesses and then deliver a solution that targets these areas to create rounded and effective salespeople.

Ongoing sales coaching for individuals or teams

Whether working one-to-one with individuals or working with sales groups, where we spend time with individuals in the group, our programme provides ongoing support, continuously enhancing and developing critical sales skills.

What we cover in our Sales Coaching Programme

We cover a vast array of topics in our Sales Coaching programme which include but are not exclusive to the following:

  • Prospect generation improvement
  • Sales Funnel management
  • How to progress sales opportunities to closure
  • How to build a compelling business case for your prospect
  • Creating a Sales Forecast / Reviewing prospects in the sales funnel
  • Where as a sales person you should be spending your time?
  • Presentation skills

Mentoring programmes can be tailored to the needs of the individual.

Who would benefit from Sales Coaching?

Candidates new to the sales industry as well as those with experience in the industry can benefit from coaching. Programmes can be tailored to the individual which means new techniques can be learnt and personal weaknesses can be developed into strengths.

Who would deliver the Sales Coaching?

Our Sales Coaching programme is delivered by Jon Hodgson, an advanced sales training professional with over 25 years in the industry. Jon has worked with organisations such as Team 17 Software and Leeds University, and has a developed a reputation for successfully developing salespeople.

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