Sales Consulting

Spinnaker 918 has over 25 years experience providing sales consulting services helping businesses to improve their sales performance and increase revenue. We work to enhance the productivity of your sales team by identifying key areas of improvement.

Having worked with a large number of organisations ranging from small businesses to large enterprises, Spinnaker 918 is a trusted provider of sales consultancy services.

Delivering Improved Sales Performance

As part of our sales consulting service we will work collaboratively with your business shaping a clear pathway for success based upon the needs of your sales team. Whether working on development of individuals within your sales team through ongoing mentorship or helping to define a sales process or strategy, Spinnaker 918 take a hands-on approach to improving your business’ sales performance.

The beginning of our sales consultancy process is with an analysis and assessment of the current sales performance looking at the current sales environment at your organization. The analysis we provide clear areas to target that will lead to significant sales improvement for you and your team. We then provide you with an action plan for change, focusing on the things that will make the greatest difference in your results

Results Through Analysis

Spinnaker deploys a range of techniques to understand and diagnose the challenges of an organisation and its people. These include psychometric profiling and 360° feedback. Sales consulting from Spinnaker almost always begins with a facilitated business development workshop where required outcomes, learning styles and the fundamental needs of the participants are uncovered in detail.

Sales Coaching & Mentoring

We can also work in a coaching and mentoring capacity. We can work with sales managers and team leaders providing guidance, tactics and cutting-edge insight on how to derive a higher level of performance from their teams or with individual team members to develop specific sales skills.

Find out how to improve your company’s sales performance by calling 0113 2614503 or fill in a contact form and one of our sales consultants will be in touch.