Develop Outstanding Customer Service Skills

Ask a dozen people their definition of outstanding customer service and you're likely to get a dozen different answers. If this proves anything, it is that as individuals, we expect to be treated in a certain way. At the heart of it all is the way we're treated as people!

Excellent Results through Outstanding Service

Customer Experience Business Result
Outstanding Excellent
Excellent Good
Good Average
Average Poor

Our experiences of customer service - good or bad - affect us all; we are exposed to it every single day as either customer or supplier and expectations are increasing day on day. Deliver a Good customer experience and we might anticipate an Average business result. Good business results demand Excellent customer service and if we want Excellent business results then our challenge is to deliver an Outstanding experience to our customers.

Attitude, Attitude, Attitude

At the centre of everything is attitude, something we alone are entirely responsible for. There can be no excuses, it really is that simple; we must be on the customer's agenda, see and treat them as people - moreover as individuals - and recognise that their customer journey is simply a collection of moments of truth, instances in time when they decide - yes or no - whether they like something we're doing or not. Developing your people to this point is where Spinnaker customer service training really comes into its own.

Benchmark your Business

We work with teams of people and benchmark our own expectations for the levels of service we receive. Then we support in learning how to apply this to the experiences of others. They may be customers in a restaurant, buyers in a retail outlet or potential customers for our manufacturing facility.

In delivering the best customer service training in Yorkshire, our training team work to develop attitudes and interpersonal skills above all else. This is what really holds the key to delivering exceptional levels of customer service.

Understand What Your Customers Expect

Each of us instinctively knows from the very first moment of engagement whether an experience is likely to be fulfilling or not. Our mission with customers is to ensure we do the same for them; be totally on their agenda, exhibit the right attitude and above all else, treat them as people and individuals.


To ensure your business results are always the best they can be, Spinnaker will support you and your teams in learning processes and techniques that deliver outstanding levels of customer service. Contact us for an initial conversation on 0113 261 4503