Entrepreneurial Leadership Skills

The qualities of truly effective leadership are hard to define yet every day we see examples of good (and bad!) leadership and people who do the right thing most if not all of the time. Leadership means different things to different people so developing leadership skills means identifying core values - trust, honesty, compassion and developing core skills including communication, motivation, and inspiration. We combine all of these to ensure we take our people with us on the journey.

It's a Contact Sport!

Spinnaker believes inspirational leadership to be a contact sport - not something achievable at arm’s length. Accordingly, our leadership skills development programmes support delegates in developing leadership ability through the development and application of their interpersonal skills.

Benchmarked against Renowned Role Models

Good Leadership takes more than interpersonal skills though; our internal bespoke programs and external open courses teach delegates the ‘how to’ techniques they need to engage with their teams, peers, subordinates and superiors in a way that exemplifies good leadership. Spinnaker leadership skills development captures core messages from many great leadership thinkers; Jack Welch, Nelson Mandela, Steven Covey, Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar.

Real-World Practice and Application

Spinnaker has delivered tailored leadership development programs for Carnaud Metal Box, Linde, Remploy and Sulzer Pumps. Spinnaker also delivers executive coaching interventions for senior leaders within organisations including Baker Tilly, Cobbetts and Grant Thornton.

Spinnaker leadership development programs are always spaced-learning events which means that participants have the opportunity to apply learning in their own environments between sessions and this means embedding best practice in the real world.

We will be delighted to support you in taking your business where it needs to be.

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