Management Training Courses

Information, Inspiration, Application

Management training courses from Spinnaker are proven to deliver excellent result for participants who need to manage themselves, their teams, peers and reports in the most effective way possible.


Whilst a core strand of leadership is the ability to inspire, management effectiveness is very much about motivation - having the ability to support people in achieving what they know they are capable of. This involves them first understanding what motivates our people and then applying our people skills in conjunction with recognised systems and processes.

Management training courses from Spinnaker are structured for different levels of management from supervisory, section leaders and right through to senior managers having sizeable teams under their control.

Training Needs Analysis

Spinnaker deploys a range of techniques to understand and diagnose the challenges of an organisation and its people. These include psychometric profiling and 360° feedback. Management training courses from Spinnaker almost always begins with a facilitated business development workshop where required outcomes, learning styles and the fundamental needs of the participants are uncovered in detail.


Training sessions are generally spaced over time to ensure that the learning is applied in the working environment. Participants are challenged to establish and deliver on their own commitments and to develop their management abilities through application in the real world - their functional roles.

Spinnaker management training courses are renowned for breaking down barriers between individuals and teams, to remove silo mentalities and to encourage people to work collectively for the common good.


Spinnaker achieves this through the careful selection of experienced trainers able to connect with participants and to inspire them to make the very best of their managerial opportunities.

As a consultative business, Spinnaker will begin any management training course with a detailed consultation, so we understand exactly what the business is seeking to achieve. In the delivery phase, we embed a considered balance of classic and contemporary management skills.

To learn how effectively Spinnaker can support the development of your management teams, simply drop us a line on 0113 261 4503 for an initial conversation.