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The ability to 'sell' is critical in any business and at all levels but perhaps no more so than when generating profitable sales through competent sales teams as the lead function in the business. Sales training delivered by Spinnaker is simple, practical and motivating. As our principal sales trainer, Jon has been described as, “the best sales trainer in Yorkshire”, perhaps because of the way he demystifies the sales process, making it simple, understandable and meaningful.

Challenging Attitudes to Selling

Spinnaker is a sales training company in Leeds that challenges attitudes and involves the development of sales techniques that are required throughout the sales process. Sales skills development includes prospecting for new customers, through solution presentation and then on to gaining customer commitment and ensuring customer service excellence in after sales.

Bespoke and Standard Sales Courses

Our sales training is often bespoke - developed specifically for a particular customer in line with their needs following a period of selling needs analysis consultation. Spinnaker also delivers regular ‘open’ courses where delegates benefit from peer-group learning that has the added advantage of exposure to fellow professionals from other business sectors.

Suitable for Sales People at all levels

The delivery of Spinnaker sales training is carefully structured to appeal to those new to sales as well as existing sales professionals with some experience. Spinnaker sales training also includes the development of advanced sales techniques where we use role-playing to develop specific skills such as negotiation, pitch presentations and closing.

Practical Application

In addition to working with specific customers including Grant Thornton, UKU, Cobbetts, Preston Guildhall and Sulzer Pumps, our training company has delivered the renowned Sales Development Program to well over 150 SMEs across the Yorkshire region.

We will be delighted to support you in taking your business where it needs to be.

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"..the results of this plan are evident already in terms of increased interest in the products and the service that we can offer, an increase in the number of new contacts and an increase in actual sales..."
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