Hägen Wolf

“A big thank you to Jon for running a series of excellent workshops on sales and negotiation during the Autumn. All the sessions were interactive and engaging and delivered with humour and rapport. We have learnt a lot of valuable lessons and this is already having a tangible impact on our sales conversion rates, up from 30% to 40% in the space of just a few months.”

- Matt Pugh - Managing Director - Hägen Wolf - 18th December 2020

Sewtec Automation Ltd

“Jon delivered an eye opening training day on relationship based selling. The content was personalised to my needs and questions and I have come away with a fresh mindset on how to get where I need to be. A great guy who knows how to get the information you need stuck into your head, thanks very much, Jon!”

- Tim Blank - Technical Sales Manager - Sewtec Automation Ltd - 12th Febuary 2020

Ant Hire Solutions

“Hi Jon, I really enjoyed the day and felt there were things I learnt I could apply in everyday life. It was a good mix of people and I felt there was a fun and relaxed atmosphere. It was good for me to come out of my comfort zone with the presentation.”

- Kirsty Holland - Senior Customer Service Executive - Ant Hire Solutions - 3rd July 2019


“I really enjoyed the day and thought it was excellent. What I particularly enjoyed was that it was suitable for sales professionals at all levels. As a trainer you are very knowledgeable and experienced and kept the course running at a good pace with excellent content. I would recommend this course to anyone.”

- James Watt - Sales Manager - Qualsafe.com - 29th May 2019

Vestey Foods UK

“Really great course, well planned with thorough, easy to understand points. It really made the process feel so simple. Jon is a lovely chap who puts you instantly at ease, would highly recommend.”

- Callum Swinnerton-Ions - National Account Manager - Vesteyfoods.com - 29th May 2019


“Hi Jon. I had a great time on the programme last week and would certainly recommend your sales training to new members of the team here at Qualsafe and some not so new like me, who would definitely benefit from a refresher/update of their skills (and to learn new ones!). It’s always good to meet people from different industries with different sales roles and learn from each other also, we had a good mix!”

- Cabb Evans - Account Manager - Qualsafe.com - 27th March 2019

Vestey Foods UK

“I would like to say a big thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed the Sales Programme yesterday and I feel I have taken a lot from it. It will definitely help me to build my sales within our business.”

- Victoria Ryan - National Account Executive - Vesteyfoods.com - 21st March 2019

Bailoran Solicitors

“The course was excellent. Very welcoming, good venue, delivered at a great pace, covered a variety of angles regarding presentation skills and puts you slightly out of your comfort zone which is essential but done in really warm and friendly manner so you don’t mind. Some great in-flight tips and tricks in there too which is always good. Feedback was always fair and well delivered.”

- Keith Williams - Practice Manager - Bailoransolicitors.com - 24th January 2019

Vegetarian For Life

“Dear Jon, Thank you very much for your training session - great stuff! It was a pleasure to have you. Best wishes Jasmine.”

- Jasmine Owens - Office Administrator - Vegetarianforlife.org.uk - 3rd April 2018


“Thank you very much for the course yesterday.
I really enjoyed it you were very enthusiastic with great knowledge about sales. I felt like I had learnt a lot yesterday and you helped lift my confidence. I would also like to say thank you for tailoring the course to me especially with my role being different to other people on the course. I’m looking forward to putting my new skills into practice and hopefully become an Account Manager in the future because of this”

- Charlotte Lee - Sales Executive - Qualsafe.com - 1st February 2018

Ant Hire Solutions

“Jon clearly understands our business and had identified the key business challenges but moreover, he understood the individuals and was clearly skilled in getting the best out of us”

- Julia Thompson - Financial Director - Ant Hire Solutions - 8th November 2017

Active Cleaning Ltd

"Thank you again for a fantastic sales training course yesterday - me and the girls/ladies came away feeling great and ready to put into practice."

- Nicola Pannell - Sales Coordinator - Active Cleaning Ltd. - 5th October 2017

KC Communications

"Thank you so much for all your support! We've all learnt so much & I really feel you've helped us all more than we could've hoped. Thanks again."

- Sarah Benson - Account Manager - KC Communications - 5th August 2017

"Thank you for delivering an outstanding training programme. Its been worth every penny and has given us all a lot to think about, both as a team and individually. Thanks again"

- Katrina Cliffe - Managing Director - KC Communications - 5th August 2017


"The ‘Relationship Based Selling’ course hosted by Jon Hodgson was really great, the environment and atmosphere was perfect. I felt very comfortable and found the content really beneficial, Jon also ensured we could all relate it back to our individual industries which was extremely useful. It was nice the group was small as you could benefit from their knowledge and discuss constructive feedback."

- Hannah Solanki - Event Management Agency - 31st May 2017

Maktec Marine Ltd

"Brilliant guy and his courses are fun, well prepared and professional and I'm looking forward to using the tools he has provided to close sales in a more controlled and friendly manner.
Thanks Jon you’re a star."

- Mark Cornforth - Technical Director - 26th May 2017

Bailoran Solicitors

"I have worked with Jon on a number of training occasions with other consultants and staff members within Bailoran Solicitors. Jon manages to show you how "selling" does not have to be a dirty word as long as it is done with integrity and with the client's best interests at heart. Both I and the staff at Bailoran Solicitors will continue to use Jon and Spinnaker for training and I heartily recommend him to anyone "

- John Bailes - Business Owner - 23rd February 2017

Blue Logic Computers

"I was fortunate enough to be in on one of Jon's training programmes. I found the programme to be extremely informative and professional. I have taken a lot out of the session that I will pass on to my team and no doubt use throughout my career. It is very refreshing to be trained by an all round Sales Professional that has experience in the subjects that you are discussing."

- Tony Schofield - Internal Business Development Team Leader - 5th February 2016

Sutcliffe Play Limited

Thanks Jon, today's training session was really useful and has given me some much needed direction. Lots to do over the next few days/weeks/months

- Sheryl Smith - Area Sales Manager - 21st October 2015

Salzgitter Mannesmann UK Limited

A huge thanks again for the input, advice and extremely enjoyably class on Wednesday. I’m still on something of a high and even have a smile on my face!
The course was a well balanced, testing but constructive day and I know that we both came away inspired by what we had achieved
All the best and hope we meet again in the future.

- Steve Laidler - Commercial Manager - Mill Products - 16th October 2015

MooD International

Jon, Just wanted to drop you a brief note to say thank you very much for the training you've delivered over the past couple of days. I really did find it incredibly useful; I've never really been armoured with a process or structure in this environment. I look forward to applying my learnings next week! Take care, Nick!

- Nicholas Kent - Client Director - 22nd May 2015

MooD International

Great sales insight from a clearly well skilled personable expert.

- Phil Heptinstall - MooD International - 22nd May 2015

Enlightening - making me think in a different way.

- Adam Strickland - MooD International - 22nd May 2015

Tangible results and real applicable soft skills for future use. Very enjoyable.

- David McGeever - MooD International - 22nd May 2015

Card Network Solutions

We recently used Jon to provide Presentations Training to a couple of our employees. The positive feedback from them both was overwhelming. Staff came away from the day feeling the course had made a substantial impact and really helped to develop their skills. We hope to use Jon in the future for other training courses that may be required.

- Natalie Kershaw - Technical Business Development Manager - Card Network Solutions - 27th February 2015

Sonocent Ltd

I have now worked with Jon on two separate occasions, and both of which have been refreshing and inspiring. Jon takes a hands on approach that focuses on the specifics of the persons strengths and weaknesses, rather than taking a one size fits all approach which I have experienced with other trainers. Jon is a passionate trainer, and uses his personal experiences to engage those that are training with him. I have already seen the change in my approach since working with Jon and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

- Adam Pearce - Business Development Manager - Sonocent Ltd - 14th November 2014

Top Collar

Jon works with you, not just your company. He understands what qualities you have, and don't. The ones you don't you work together at stripping back and tackling them head on, developing you to be a better you. I HIGHLY recommend Jon, as he tackles problems in a simple, yet effective way

- Sophie Tregellis - Managing Director - topcollar.co.uk - 26th January 2014

University of Leeds - Enterprise Scholars

In the space of two hours Jon not only educated me on the essentials of a business plan from scratch but provided me with invaluable support and confidence that I cannot thank him enough for. Jon's enthusiasm and obvious love for teaching really shines through and I would highly recommend any business start-up to have a chat with him

- Alice Colligan - Bouteepee - 4th January 2014

I went into a two-hour business consultation with Jon with only an idea and came out with a succinct plan of action, the confidence to move my idea forward plus the ability to present in an engaging way. I never expected to gain such a valuable insight into business, selling and presenting in such a short period of time. Jon's enthusiasm, interest and attentiveness would be beneficial for any individual, start-up or established business

- Amelia Barry - A-Z City Guides - 23rd December 2013

Over the last year and a half advice has been thrown at me left, right and centre from various industry professionals. However, Jon's one-to-one session gave me a rare gem of original advice and left me with a constructive and clear plan of action. It was just what I needed

- Kimberly Dickson - supportyoungtalent.com, 20th December 2013

Hey Jon, the two hours I spent with you were invaluable and actually, my one-to-one session with you was better than anything I've learnt in the past two years. As well as this, your presentation at bootcamp about sales was absolutely incredible, the best kind of training I've ever had. You gave me the confidence I didn't even know existed. Thanks once again

- Emma Sheldon - emtalks.co.uk & Cosmopolitan Blog Awards Winner 2012 - 19th December 2013

We've now worked with Jon in two separate 2-on-1 sessions and a sales workshop. His enthusiasm and ability to focus your mind and identify areas for improvement is fantastic. He has improved the way we structure a presentation and pitch our business dramatically to the extent that I now relish the opportunity to do so. His sales workshop not only provided great insight into sales techniques but was presented in a way that made me relate to and criticise my own selling techniques. Fundamentally, it has given me basis and hunger for improving the success rates of selling for our business

- Sam Ryan - jumpinstudent.co.uk - 19th December 2013

University of Leeds - Business School

Hi Jon, I'd just like to say thanks for the talk as it's given me a bigger drive to go and set up my own company, which I didn't really have before yesterday. After talking to other people after your presentation, most received it really well and thought it was packed full of relevant information for us to start our own enterprises. Thanks again

- Joe Gillam - Student - 29th November 2013

Whitewall Services

Just wanted to say thanks again for a most enjoyable and thought provoking workshop. Your use of Eddie Cochran’s song was an excellent way to engage delegates and get the message across. Also, it doesn’t matter how many times I look at the phrase Finished Files, I still get the number of F’s wrong! Hopefully see you again at events across the region. Kind regards

- Mark Bates - Business Developer & Ambassador - whitewallservices.com - 8th November 2013

Team17 Software

Hi Jon. Thanks for the feedback from the 1-to-1. It was a pleasure as always and nice to hear that I’m heading in the right direction, I certainly feel more comfortable in the role as of late and find all the little things you have instilled in us/me seem to be clicking into place. Looking forward to the next group meeting. Thanks again

- Nick Gomersall - Art Direction Manager - team17.com - 21st October 2013

University of Leeds - Lifelong Learning Centre

Hi Richard. I just wanted to pass on a massive thanks. Jon came to give a talk to one of my classes on Monday and was terrific. He covered the important aspects in the time allowed and gave the students a real feel for the benefits of taking the plunge into self-employment and more importantly how to make sure it succeeded. Could you please pass on my thanks to Jon; I want to make sure he knows how useful the talk was and how much the students got from it. Andy

- Andrew Richardson - Deputy Programme Manager - Business Management - 10th October 2013

Scarborough Indoor Karting

Hi Jon and thank you for all your help. It's all been so positive - you have given me the boost I needed to go forward with SIK

- Catherine Milner - Director - scarboroughkarting.co.uk - 3rd July 2013

Oilgear Towler

Compliment due Jon, I have seen a step change in the managers over the last couple of weeks. Seriously, I have many 1:1's with my team and being so close often means I cannot see the change, but I have noticed a real change in their approach to business. Likewise, the European Functional Leadership team have all commented on the continual improvements in site and personnel development. Many thanks for your influence and contribution

- Kieran Doyle - European Operations Manager - oilgear.com - 26th June 2013


Jon has worked with me on value propositions, for professional development personally and for my company. His expertise solved problems and clearly guided towards actionable outcomes, undoubtedly leading to improving the business

- Nick Simm - Managing Director - boldgorilla.com - 14th November 2012

Enterprise Yorkshire

Hi Jon, Was one the best presentations in my opinion thus far. I have included this point in our ERDF monthly report quoting you and Spinnaker. Feedback from participants was glowing also, Geoffrey Brown and a few others. The engagement with participants in the form of the activities was excellent! My thought have been passed onto John Wells and Joseph Skelly at Leeds, York and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce. Best regards

- Chris Taylor - Enterprise Coach - 7th November 2012

Chiswell Associates

Jon suggested the implementation of a cohesive sales strategy along with the means to monitor our progress. “This included a plan to increase sales and sales activity to both existing and potential clients. Among the areas new to us were regular newsletters and networking events. "Although early days the results of this plan are evident already in terms of increased interest in the products and the service that we can offer, an increase in the number of new contacts and an increase in actual sales, modest at the moment but the momentum is increasing

- Roy Chiswell - Managing Director - chiswellpromotions.com - 26th September 2012

Maktec Marine Limited

Hi Jon, We were both worried about today but it was a sheer pleasure and your much needed insight opened our eyes to basic faults in our ad-hoc strategy and plans and we look forward to our next meeting when I’m sure further gains will be made. I just want to say thank you as its likely without your guidance and structure our business growth would not be the success it has been. So Jon, many thanks, Mark

- Mark Cornforth - Technical Director - maktecmarine.com - 24th September 2012


Jon is a unique combination of inspirational but down to earth speaker and adviser. He imparts great insights into how to create and manage great business relationships and conveys his message with common sense and a great deal of humour, which captures his audiences well. I have no hesitation in recommending his work

- Ronald Drake - Partner & Principal - 29th June 2012

Hi Jon, just a courtesy note to say thanks for the training session at the Practice Away-Day this week and for all of the previous advice, support and insight you provided at the "Hodgson Roadshow" sessions in Manchester. I personally found the sessions extremely useful - if not always comfortable - and will endeavour to build on the lessons learned

- John Dorney - Director, 22nd June 2012

Hi Jon, just wanted to say a massive thank you for coming to our Away-Day yesterday. We found the session really useful and good fun! Thanks again

- Charlotte Lloyd-Jones - Solicitor - 21st June 2012

Common Purpose

Dear Jon, A very belated note to thank you for your contribution to our Common Purpose event in December. The group loved hearing from you and your session worked brilliantly to help them think about how they present themselves. Wishing you all the best for 2012

- Claire Bennett - Regional Director - commonpurpose.org.uk - 17th January 2012

Blue Logic Computers

Morning Jon, Thanks again for the session the other week - very useful. Guess who I got an appointment with last night?? 5.40pm I decided to ring the prospect one last time! I rang through after reception had gone home and the MD happened to pick up the phone. Let’s hope it brings in some decent revenue. Cheers

- Dave Potts - Telemarketing Team - bluelogic.co.uk - 12th January 2012

Archer Records

Hi Jon, I just wanted to thank you again for your help with the presentation. Unfortunately I didn't win but, I do feel that the presentation itself went really well and that it was the best I could have made it. Best regards

- Tom Griffiths - Director - 18th November 2011

TBG Learning

Hi Jon, I have never formally thanked you for all your support and your friendship whilst we were working together at TBG. If nothing else, I did learn a lot from you and you were/are a true inspiration to me

- Annamaria Williams - Employability/Recruitment Team Leader- tbglearning.com - 30th June 2011

Jon. Many thanks again for today. A really good afternoon and left everyone on a real high

- Mike Burger - Regional Manager South - tbglearning.com - 28th July 2010

The Partons

Hi Jon and Tina. I would just like to thank you both again for offering me the opportunity to attend the Sales Development Programme. I took so much away with me that will help me in the future and will help my business. You assured me that I do have what it takes to run my own business and that despite being young I have what it takes to turn my aspirations into reality. I feel I have gained some direction of where to head next and have a really positive feeling about my future

- Danielle Jones - Proprietor - the-partons.co.uk - 9th April 2010

The Handy Group

As a business owner I aim to give a high quality, reliable service to my clients. Unfortunately not all business owners provide such standards and all too often I’m left feeling disappointed; I am delighted to say this was not the case with Jon Hodgson. The whole experience was highly motivating and I would certainly recommend Jon to anyone

- Stuart Gandy - Managing Director - thehandygroup.com - 10th February 2010

The Wellbeing Network

I can honestly say that the Sales & Marketing Training provided by Spinnaker was the most beneficial and worthwhile training I have attended. Since attending the course it has made me think about how I get new business, it made me look long at hard about how I used to develop sales compared to how I do now. Very much focused on what the customer wants and not want we can do. It’s extremely interactive - I prefer to be heavily involved in a seminar and not just listen to people reading from a PowerPoint presentation. Jon ensures everyone gets involved (I even did an Irish dance and somebody else performed a juggling act), in a comfortable way so that he gets the best from everyone. Not only was the session done in a group, but a separate half-day was set aside for one-one mentoring to look at my business sales & marketing plan/strategy. I am now a lot more confident at face-to-face business, asking questions I never thought I would be asking and getting great results. Feel free to call me (07920 754229) if you have any questions about the course and I will be happy to answer them, but I highly recommend that you take time out of your busy schedule to attend the training. You won’t regret it. PS the food was also fantastic and I made some great business contacts

- Claire Rowland - Director - 30th July 2009

Juno Software

Hi Jon, yesterday was hell on a stick for me but very worthwhile, thank you. Just thought I’d let you know that I have closed the deal that I have been speaking of. Your training and coaching has given me more confidence and structure to do this. I basically went in with the meeting agenda that I practised yesterday (re written) and it worked brilliantly. Thank you again, Phil

- Philip Parkes - Director - junosoftware.co.uk - 1st April 2009


I wanted to say a BIG THANKS for the training and time spent with me - our meetings with clients have improved as a result ... and we won the client last Thursday ... we’re designing his brand now!!!

- Charlie Kemp - Director - splitpixel.co.uk - 23rd March 2009

University of Leeds

Oh hi Jon, I'm just ringing to say thank you very much for this morning, the feedback on the networking session was absolutely brilliant. So I'll look forward to seeing you in November and thank you once again. OK, bye!

- Kairen Skelley - Business Adviser - 15th October 2008

Naught One

We have just returned from our first trade show (not Grand Designs) since developing our techniques with you. We definitely owe you a big thank you as we had a very successful show and were able to evolve conversations in a much more positive manner that previously

- Mark Hammond - Director - naughtone.com - 19th May 2006