Bailoran Solicitors

I have worked with Jon on a number of training occasions with other consultants and staff members within Bailoran Solicitors. Each time I have found the training to be thoroughly engaging and relevant to the skills and professional ethics required as a solicitor. Jon manages to show you how "selling" does not have to be a dirty word as long as it is done with integrity and with the client's best interests at heart. This was a great reassurance as being governed by specific rules and codes of conduct I had some initial reservations as to practicality of the methods taught and made assumptions that I would only benefit from a small number of the topics that would be covered.

The methods explained and the change in the attitudes to business to business dealings was refreshing and very encouraging as we found out that unbeknownst to us we were already implementing a number of these techniques although Jon showed how this could be improved. Both I and other solicitors and key workers have attended the same seminars on multiple occasions and found that we learnt something different each time as well as being able to improve on the skills previously learnt.

I need to attend seminars and training because of my role as a solicitor and many vary in content but most are rather matter of fact and time seems to drag. With Jon I found that the time flew by and you covered so many different topics that you were keen to learn more. The sessions have always been both informative and entertaining but most importantly relevant to my profession and business. This is something that is difficult to achieve as you are often left to take parts of seminars that apply to you and discard the rest. Jon was able to make sure that each aspect of the training was applicable to my business and the legal profession so that there was no disengagement or waste of time. Both I and the staff at Bailoran Solicitors will continue to use Jon and Spinnaker for training and I heartily recommend him to anyone who would like to revise or improve their presentation skill whether you have never done it before or are seasoned professional.

John Bailes
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April 20, 2017