One Day Sales Training Courses

Spinnaker deliver one day sales training courses that enhance critical skills necessary for business success. Whether you require the development of negotiate, deal closing, objection overcoming and relationship building, our experienced team have the relevant knowledge and industry expertise to deliver a course that will meet the training & development needs of your organisation and create effective sales people.
There are numerous one day sales training packages that we offer for various stages of the sales process. So whether you are new to sales or an advanced salesman, Spinnaker have a sales course that will take your development to the next level.

What one-day sales courses are available?

  • Basic Sales Training
  • Advanced Sales Training
  • Bespoke Sales Training

Basic Sales Training Course

Our one-day basic sales training course is perfect for people who are looking to pursue a career in sales or for people looking to re-cap core sales skills. The course introduces key sales concepts and gives participants the confidence to implement these skills into practice and covers the following:

  • How to compile a list of prospects
  • Key techniques for approaching different industries and contacts
  • How to communicate effectively to prospects and existing clients that will result in appointments
  • How to identify an opportunity
  • How to question effectively to identify the needs of clients
  • How to reduce the level of objections whilst increasing sales by delivering a suitable solution
  • How to identify key specialties that differentiate yourself from the competition
  • How to increase repeat business

Advanced Sales Training Course

Our one-day advanced sales training course is designed for people with prior experience of operating in the sales industry. This course builds on the core principles of sales that were introduced in the basic sales training course and equip participants with advanced tools for generating profitable returns for business and developing key relationships. The course covers the following areas:

  • How to continually build better customer relations
  • Evaluating the body language, tone of voice and language of the customer
  • Responding to the tone of voice, body language and language of the customer
  • Pertinent questions to ask the customer
  • Completing the sale by taking the opportunity
  • Using psychology to deal with problematic customers

Bespoke Sales Training Course

Alternatively, our experienced team can work in collaboration with you to create a bespoke solution tailored to the needs of your business. We can identify the key areas of sales that will be of most importance to your business and design a day that will deliver the best results for you and your employees.

Course Leader

Jon Hodgson has over 25 years experience in enhancing the sales techniques and skill sets of candidates to develop successful sales person. Working with organisations such as Leeds University, Team 17 Software, and many more Jon has a reputation of leaving participants with actionable takeaways and an improved set of sales skills..

Additional Information

Course includes lunch and refreshments but does not include travel and/or accommodation expenses.

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Jon Hodgson
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