Spotting Sales Opportunities

Being able to spot an opportunity is an important tool for every sales person, but it is also something everyone will find useful as the skills needed to spot an opportunity can be used in everyday life.

It isn’t just the sales team that have to talk to customers and every business is looking for increased sales or leads so why not have all staff members capable of spotting an opportunity for your sales team to work with.

When it comes to spotting opportunities our sales trainers have a few tips on what to look out for. These tips can help all your staff members, so that next time they are speaking to a customer or potential customer they can spot any opportunities which may arise.

Top Tips for Spotting an Opportunity

1. Set an agenda at the start of the meeting
2. Where the customer has initiated contact, discover the reason
3. Find out everything you can by asking open questions
4. Establish how their needs can be met by your service offering
5. Don’t settle for the first opportunity, there may be more
6. Understand their motivations - ask why?
7. Look for positive, open body language
8. Check periodically that the conversation in on track (for them)
9. If they are changing providers, find out why?
10. Make sure you cover everything on their agenda

If you are interested in learning how best to implement these skills to improve not only your sales staff but any member of staff which is customer facing then please get in touch.

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