Team Building

A well devised, efficiently structured and professionally delivered team building event contributes enormously to the ultimate objectives of an organisation. We help promote togetherness, opportunities for real communication and a way for participants to get a true insight of colleagues they work with and perhaps some that they don't. It's a gilt-edged opportunity to reinforce vision and values, the very essence of any organisation.

Why Team Building?

The unique value of teambuilding is that the objectives are focussed entirely on the people involved. This is not a training program to develop skills, or a coaching intervention to enable somebody to get from A to B. Businesses will always be about people and, one way of demonstrating that people are the greatest asset in any organisation is to reward success, to recognise contribution and get people involved in our mission. What better way of doing this than a well organised team building event from Spinnaker.

What to Do? ... So many Choices!

It's true, there are many, many standard-format team building events out there. These are fine but as an alternative, why not speak to us and share with us what you are wanting to achieve from your evening, day or weekend. We’ll talk through your objectives and discuss how they are best delivered through an original Spinnaker team building event.

Your team building event can be internal or external and the sky really is the limit. We've run team building events in the antiquary’s hall of a major museum and taken teams of engineers on board a Royal Navy destroyer simulator. We’ve taken people climbing in the mountains of the Lake District and delivered a big-band drumming experience to over 500 people.

Go for something Different!

Stephen Covey suggested we should, “Start with the end in Mind”, so once you have your objectives clear, simply call us on 0113 261 4503 and speak to one of the team at Spinnaker.

We will help design and then professionally deliver what will probably turn out to be the most motivational, inspirational and enjoyable event you have ever experienced!