Sales Training in Manchester

Spinnaker deliver a distinctive brand of sales training courses for companies in Manchester that works by breaking down barriers, boosting confidence and developing the valuable sales techniques that are pivotal to meeting business objectives and delivering results. The ability to effectively ‘sell’ is particularly pertinent to Manchester as the UK’s largest centre for the business, financial and professional services outside of London and with 1.33 million working people in 93,000 businesses. For 20 years Spinnaker have helped businesses in Manchester realise their potential by moulding their employees into effective and proactive sales people.

Comprehensive Training Packages Personalised for your Business

At Spinnaker we identify the sales process that is perfect for your business and then craft a personalised sales training solution to support your team in effectively delivering your unique strategy. We craft our training solution to your business challenges, so whether your business consists of experienced sales professionals or new executives, we guarantee a solution that will challenge perspectives and broaden sales horizons.

Our comprehensive training solutions cover a vast array of topics and build essential skills through consultancy, one to one or group sales training including:

  • Effective lead prospecting
  • Pitching and presenting
  • Telephone communication
  • Key account handling
  • Negotiation
  • Assertiveness
  • Relationship building
  • Deal closign
  • Marketing & CRM
  • Team building
  • Sales Management
  • After sales customer service excellence

Each package is tailored to your business needs and requirements. Therefore, a package may focus on a combination of skills or an individual skill set dependent on what is right for you.

Training Solutions that Deliver Results

Ultimately, the role of sales training is to mould your team into a competent and profitable sales force. At Spinnaker we have a track record of delivering results for Manchester based businesses by equipping their teams with the necessary sales skills, the ability to build lucrative relationships and the confidence to input their new skills to ensure that they deliver on the key objectives of gross-margin, turnover and bottom-line profit.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business realise its potential at 0113 261 4503.

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